2023 • 05 • 24

We’ve got the Power!

ALP is determined to find ways to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. We are proud that last week Thursday 17 May 2023 we could celebrate the opening of the shore power connection for seagoing vessels at the Royal Roos Quey, Rotterdam.

With this milestone, Royal Roos BV and ALP Maritime Services are jointly investing in the future of greener shipping.

With 1.500 m2 of solar panels on the roof of building De Werkplaats and a 1.000 kVA trafo, Royal Roos has realized and commissioned a green-powered shore power connection for seagoing vessels that berth at Merwehaven east side in Rotterdam. The first vessel connecting to the shore power facility in Merwehaven during the official presentation on 17 May 2023 is DP II Anchor Handling Salvage Tug ALP Winger. By connecting to shore power, the ALP Winger can shut down their generators completely, resulting in a saving of up to 1,5 tons of fuel per day (4,5 tons CO2).

The project has been funded in part by a REACT EU program, as part of the EU’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulating green, digital and resilient recovery of regional economies.

Royal Roos can now provide shore power to seagoing vessels within the 400/440/690V and 50/60Hz range and a combined power demand of maximum 500kW. Battery containers can provide extra power for peak demand.

On sunny days the power supply will be generated via the 1.500 m2 roof-based solar panels. On cloudy days and at night 100% wind-generated power from the net will be provided.


2022 • 08 • 05

ALP Winger sail-out Iron Lady with Tennet offshore converter station DolWin kappa

Friday afternoon, the transport of barge Iron Lady with our ALP Winger set off from Cadiz, Spain, to Rotterdam, Netherlands, with the loaded offshore converter station DolWin kappa.

In Rotterdam all components of Dolwin kappa will subsequently be transferred to the world's largest working vessel, Pioneering Spirit of Allseas, before being installed at its final destination in the German North Sea. In the future, the corresponding offshore grid connection system Dolwin6 will safely and sustainably supply over 1 million households with green wind energy from our powerhouse, the North Sea.

A real milestone for the energy transition.
Tennet intensive cooperation with partners Seimens Energy and Dragados Offshore resulted in construction completion after only three years, a big success we would say! Congratulation to all that have contributed! 

For more information see TenneT's press release:


2022 • 07 • 07


With a heavy heart, but also proudly we announce that ALP has sold the ALP ACE and ALP IPPON to Multraship. The tugs will be deployed on a long term charter with the Dutch Ministry of Public Works and Water Management, protecting the Dutch coast and offshore wind farms.

We wish Multraship and the crew all the best and a very long a prosperous future of continued safe operations.

ALP Ippon_towing MV Anna Chris (6).jpeg

2022 • 01 • 17


The tow departed Geoje, South Korea in November. A short call for bunkers, replenishment and crew-change was scheduled at Mauritius. Despite the travel challenge and the call coinciding with Christmas the call was executed in the foreseen timeframe, thanks to great team work between all parties and authorities involved.

The project now moves into the next phase, hooking up the CORAL SUL FLNG to the pre-laid mooring spread. In addition to the ALP vessels involved in the tow, the ALP ACE and ALP CENTRE were delivered to the project in Mozambique.

We look forward to the challenge !


2021 • 11 • 24

SBM Offshore’s Liza Unity FPSO delivered to Guyana!

SBM Offshore’s Liza Unity FPSO delivered to Guyana!

We look back to a successful project on which ALP played an important role. The Liza Unity FPSO was towed from Keppel shipyard in Singapore to the Stabroek block in Guyana by 3x 300t BP tugs.

Liza Unity is the first FPSO using SBM Offshore’s standardized Fast4Ward® design. The FPSO has an overall length of 341,75m and a width of 60m.

Our mighty ladies ALP Defender (the leading tug), ALP Centre and ALP Guard began their voyage on the 3rd of September.

With a distance of approximately 11000 miles and an average towing speed of 8,7 knots, it took us 53 days to tow the FPSO from Singapore via the Cape of Good Hope to the final delivery location of the FPSO in Guyana on the 25th of October.

After delivery in the field our tug ALP Ippon joined the other 3 mighty ladies and assisted with station keeping whilst the FPSO was successfully hooked-up to the mooring.

Press release SBM Offshore


2021 • 03 • 29

Proud of the Team and proud of the Result. The Suez Canal is unblocked!

ALP Maritime Services is pleased to confirm that ALP Guard assisted in the successful re-floating of container vessel Ever Given.

We look back on another successful cooperation with the expert salvage team of SMIT Salvage and thank all involved for their contribution to the success!

Photo credit: Suez Canal Authority

2020 • 12 • 17

Introducing: the ALP Sustainability Team

ALP operates a very modern, innovative and powerful fleet, capable of performing the most challenging operations efficiently and according to the highest standards.

To utilize the fleet in a world where sustainability becomes increasingly important, we stay on top of new developments. To be sustainable, means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To do this, ALP created a dedicated Sustainability Team with the main goal of taking take concrete steps to lead ALP to a sustainable future, by being the center point to coordinate sustainable development. 

How the team does that?

By gathering concrete initiatives, solutions and ideas that have a positive impact on the future and implement such initiatives where possible. 

You can contribute as well, submit your idea!


2020 • 10 • 15

ALP Guard, Winger and Ace 5 years LTI free!

Last 22nd of April 2020 our vessels ALP GUARD and ALP WINGER and 17th of June 2020 ALP ACE have been working LTI free for 5 years. This is a great achievement in the world of the towage, salvage and heavy transport. The Board and Staff of ALP Maritime is very proud and appreciates the grand efforts of all the personnel on board these vessels, as well in the past as in the future. The safety culture onboard of our vessels is great and is an example to us all, offshore as onshore.

See the QHSSE page for more information.


2020 • 09 • 07

FRC test onboard ALP Sweeper

The FRC team on board ALP Sweeper performing their regular FRC test. Not only the FRC itself but also the davit installation was carefully tested and all found satisfactory. Testing the FRC always guarantees good photo material, and smiling faces afterwards.


2020 • 08 • 18

ALP Ippon testing her FIFI systems

The crew of ALP Ippon have tested the FIFI monitors and water sprinkling system on their way to Singapore just before entering Malacca Strait. The result of the test was perfect and all systems are working properly. When the FIFI monitors were blowing with full range the vessel even reached around 1.5 kn like it was on jet propulsion. At full power, each monitor is pumping over 1200 cbm of water per hour with a jet range around 120 m.

2Nd Officer Roman Lanin was driving the ship's drone all the way.


2020 • 08 • 12

ALP Defender performing sea trials

After a period of scheduled maintenance onboard the ALP Defender in Rotterdam the tug was tested during a day of sea trials on the North Sea. 

The maintenance was done to satisfaction of the team and the influence on the overall performance of the tug was positive. ALP Defender is once again ready for many years of service to ALP and her demanding world wide clients and projects.


2020 • 08 • 02

Crew ALP Keeper prepares towing gear for full inspection

The inspection will be done in Rotterdam and coordinated by towing gear supplier Vlierodam.  The inspection is an integral part of ALP's continuous inspection and certification cycle and is performed on all ALP tugs in regular intervals.


2020 • 06 • 10

ALP Sweeper assists Family o/b Jacotte in middle of the Atlantic

As per true seamanship the crew of ALP Sweeper helped out a family on board small yacht Jacotte in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Chief Officer Yevgeniy says: "in gratitude, the children made us a postcard and a photo of the family, it was very nice! It is surprising that there was a family on such a small yacht in the middle of the ocean! They must be quite extreme :-) ." The crew were proceeding from the West French Indies to Azores and then homeward bound to France. They were already rationing fresh water and were running low on fuel due to the light winds since departure. The crew of ALP Sweeper offered to give them 10 cases of mineral water (150 L) as well as 100 L of MGO which they gladly accepted. The ship's drone was launched to capture the moment. 

ALP Sweeper is currently underway with SSDR Noble Driller on tow. The convoy has departed Freeport Bahamas on 29-May-2020 and is crossing the North Atlantic on their way to Turkey. For more pictures, see: ALP Sweeper assists yacht Jacotte


2020 • 03 • 31

ALP Striker increases her Bollard Pull to 312ts

ALP Striker has renewed her existing Bollard Pull Certificate in March 2020 after being in operation for almost 4 years. She was first tested upon her delivery, this was done back in 2016 in Pohang South Korea. She tested 309ts Continuous Bollard Pull at the time.

A contract with Premier Oil brought the tug to the North Sea and this presented a good opportunity to renew her Bollard Pull certificate in Norway. There are only a couple of suitable testing facilities available World-wide, capable of handling such great forces, of which the facility in Flekkefjord Norway is one. At 1100hrs on March 3rd the tug was positioned and the pulling performed. With a great result of a maximum continuous Bollard Pull of 312ts. An increase of 3ts Bollard Pull compared to the result upon delivery, and that after 4 years of service and many projects performed.

ALP is very proud of her team and equipment. This result shows that our first-class maintenance scheme in combination with the experienced crew, on-shore and on-board delivers the promised results. 


2020 • 02 • 17

ALP selected for the CORAL SOUTH FLNG project

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, January 22, 2020 — ALP Maritime Services (ALP) is pleased to announce that the company has been selected by TJJV – a Joint Venture between TechnipFMC and JGC - to provide a spread of five vessels related to the CORAL SOUTH project.

ALP’s project involvement includes the towage operation from South Korea to Offshore Mozambique, by three of ALP’s 300ts Bollard Pull ALP FUTURE class vessels. On arrival at the offshore site, the three ALP FUTURE class vessels will be joined by two additional vessels from the ALP 19,000 BHP fleet. Together, the vessels will keep the CORAL SUL FLNG (432m long and 66m wide) accurately in position, while a mooring vessel connects the pre-laid mooring chains to the FLNG. On completion of the mooring operation, two of the five ALP-vessels will continue to support further operations on site.

Arjan van de Merwe, Project Manager of ALP commented:

‘ALP is very proud to have been selected for this project. It is the first deepwater FLNG build to date and it is the first floating production plant to be installed in Mozambique and on the all African East Coast.

Our clients recognize the added value of ALP’s services. ALP’s vessels are purposely designed to offer safe and cost-efficient project execution of both the transport- and prolonged station keeping requirements. Our vessels have the endurance to perform the towage non-stop, while complying with stringent in-field vessel specifications expected when operating in close vicinity of the FLNG for extended duration. Offering these versatile qualities in a single vessel offers our Clients the opportunity to use the same vessel for various phases of the project at any remote location world-wide.

This contract involves a combination of our 24,400 BHP units and our 19,000 BHP units, tailored to our Client’s requirements. Within each vessel segment we operate a number of vessels. That offers ALP optimum vessel scheduling flexibility while offering our client guaranteed availability whenever the FLNG is delivered at the shipyard and ready for departure.’

About ALP

ALP is the specialist in the field of Ocean Towing, Offshore positioning and mooring of floating platforms. ALP serves its world-wide clients with best in class equipment in the field of:

  • World-wide ocean towage of any object, any size
  • Positioning and hook-up of floating installations
  • Anchoring of installations and floating objects
  • Disconnecting and mooring retrieval

ALP adheres to the highest safety and environmental standards.

ALP has a fleet of ten vessels at its disposal, ranging from 192 to 309MT Bollard Pull.

ALP is part of Teekay Offshore Partners L.P., a leading international midstream services provider to the offshore oil production industry, primarily focused on the ownership and operation of critical infrastructure assets in offshore oil regions of the North Sea, Brazil and the East Coast of Canada. Teekay Offshore has consolidated assets of approximately $5.2 billion, comprised of 56 offshore assets, including floating production, storage and offloading units, shuttle tankers, floating storage and offtake units, long-distance towing and offshore installation vessels, and a unit for maintenance and safety


2019 • 08 • 02

Crew ALP Guard rescues sea turtle!

The crew of ALP Guard has rescued a sea turtle today during their stay on the anchorage of Tenerife. The turtle was spotted drifting close by the tug, caught in fishing nets. The crew safely lifted the turtle out of the water by lining up together, with the Bosun putting his arm in the water. Weighing in at 35 kilos this was quite something. The turtle was freed it from the nets before putting it back in to the water again. We're very proud of the team for their great rescue mission!


2019 • 05 • 27

Salvage of fishing vessel Chris Trautmann


Weather was SE'ly - 40 KTS.

1900 - FV had a fouled propeller and was taking in water after another FV in close proximity collided and damaged her hull.

1950 - Sweeper was 18 NM away and proceeded to give assistance.

2117 - Successful connection was made and vessel started to proceed towards Capetown.

2155 - Capetown MRCC reported wind speeds in excess of 50 KTS in table bay and as a result the port was closed and unable to enter.


0015 - Sweeper took shelter to the NW of Robbin Island until weather subsided.

0800 - Green light given by port control to proceed - winds reduced to 35 KTS.

1020 - Tow handed over to local work boat to proceed through the breakwaters.

for more pictures, see: Chris Trautmann


2019 • 04 • 26

ALP Guard renews her BP certificate

ALP GUARD has renewed her bollard pull certificate in Flekkefjord Norway on 25-April-2019 with a perfect result.

She achieved a bollard pull of 284.4 MT which is similar to the design bollard pull of the vessel. This is proof of ALP's continued investment in maintaining her vessels to the highest industry standard.


2019 • 04 • 16

ALP Forward re-activation Bremerhaven

We are happy to announce that ALP Forward is presently being re-activated. She is re-activated from warm lay-up in Bremerhafen and will be fully operational in July 2019. ALP Forward will take back her place in the active ALP fleet after being completely serviced, overhauled and tested in the coming months. 

photo credit: Christian Eckardt, maritime publication


2019 • 03 • 28

ALP in the press: Iron Chieftain leaves Port Kembla with ALP Winger

Acting southern NSW branch secretary Mick Cross said it was a sad day for the Iron Chieftain's crew and the region's seafarers.

"I'm seafarer myself and that's your place of work," Mr Cross said. "Those who are employed on the same vessel long term, through the course of the year you nearly spend more time on board than what you do in your own home with your family. "So it's not just a workplace, it's a home. That's how seamen fell when they're on these jobs so it will be an emotional day for them."

Mr Cross said the ship was one of the last Australian-crewed vessels working in Australian waters. "This vessel was going to remain on the coast, there was trade for the Iron Chieftain," he said. "The Iron Chieftain has been a warhorse on this coast for more than 20 years now."

On Monday, June 18, the Iron Chieftain was docked alongside the BlueScope steelworks, unloading dolomite - an ingredient in steel making.

In the early hours, a fire started on a conveyor belt before spreading to a 12,000 cubic metre pile of dolomite. It would take firefighters almost a week to fully extinguish the blaze and the damage would leave owner CSL Shipping with no other option than to retire the ship.

The original plan

The original plan was to tow the ship to China to be broken up into scrap. However, last year Chinese authorities banned the importation of vessels for ship breaking.
That led CSL to look elsewhere, and the Iron Chieftain will now be taken to a ship recycling facility in Turkey. A statement from CSL said it would be carried out in accordance with its policy, "which mandates that disposal must be carried out in a manner that does not pose any risks to human health, safety or the environment".

Source: Glenn Humphries, Illawarra Mercury News,


2019 • 03 • 12

ALP launches new website

ALP has launched her new website. With an up-dated design and improved usability the new ALP website is ready for the Future and better supports the way that ALP wants to position herself in the market. Promoting high- quality, cost-effective services.

Advancing the standard in Marine Transport & Offshore Support operations.


2019 • 03 • 10

Alp organises in-house day Weekendschool

The IMC Weekendschool aims to provide children between 10-14 years old with a platform to learn about what the World has to offer in terms of companies and jobs. Usually these kids are from lesser developed backgrounds/areas such as Rotterdam South. The kids can voluntarily join and go on excursions on Sunday. They go to all sorts of organisations, such as ALP but also a Law firm, a dredging company, the Port of Rotterdam, a Nail studio and a Library. The background of these kids usually does not prepare them too well for the working future and by organising these excursions IMC aims to let them discover all opportunities that are ‘out there’.

It was a successful day with a lot of enthusiastic children, that learned about what ALP does exactly and what is happening in our office and on board. We organised a presentation and 3 workshops that dealt with some parts of what our business is about.


2019 • 01 • 13

ALP equips her vessels with drones

ALP started providing drones to all her vessels throughout 2018. Drones are put on board each vessel and crews are trained by a professional specialist drone-operator. Providing the crews on board with the knowledge that is required to safely operate the drones and get the most out of these helpful tools. Theory as well as practical training is provided and assistance is available from ashore when needed.

The drones are used for:

  • Inspections of tows prior to departure
  • Inspections of tows and tow-connections during transits, increasing the safety and efficiency of our operations
  • Marketing purposes and providing high quality photo material to our clients

2018 • 12 • 26

ALP in the press: Kishorn to prepare world’s largest semi-submersible rig for new gig

Ocean Great white

Scotland’s Kishorn Port has landed a contract under which it will host a visit by world’s largest semi-submersible offshore drilling rig, the Ocean GreatWhite.

Owned by Diamond Offshore, the Ocean GreatWhite weighs in at 60,800 tonnes and is a 6th generation harsh environment drilling rig capable of drilling down to 10,000m in 3,000m of water. With a draft of over 23 meters, the rig needs deep water for anchoring.

The Ocean GreatWhite has made its way from Singapore, via Las Palmas in the Canaries over the last five months assisted by the Alp Defender, a large ocean-going offshore supply vessel weighing in at 5600t. The rig is destined to start a drilling contract in the North Sea early in 2019.

Namely, as previously reported, the Ocean GreatWhite was awarded a contract by Siccar Point. The contract, for three firm wells plus three option wells, is scheduled to start in early March and end in mid-July 2019.

According to information from VesselsValue, the rig is currently located in the North Atlantic, west of Ireland and it is scheduled to arrive at Loch Kishorn on December 29, 2018.

During its station at Kishorn, the rig will be made ready for its drilling program, with Ferguson Transport and Shipping providing marine agency and stevedoring support, KPL said.

Alasdair Ferguson, a Director of KPL, recently visited the rig in Las Palmas and commented: “I couldn’t fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of the Ocean GreatWhite. We hope that the berthing and support to the rig at Kishorn will herald a new era of engagement in the oil and gas industry at Kishorn.”

New contract to revive Kishorn

Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL), a joint venture between Leiths (Scotland) Ltd and Ferguson Transport and Shipping, was created in 2008 to promote the regeneration of the Kishorn Yard and dry dock as a major facility for the manufacturing of renewable energy components, decommissioning and support to the North Sea oil and gas sector.

The Yard and the dry dock were very busy in the early years of the North Sea oil and gas boom, employing over 3,000 people and generating a huge contribution to the local Highlands economy. In the 1970s, the yard was used for the construction of the Ninian Central oil production platform. The platform was towed out of Loch Kishorn in May 1978.

Howard Doris, the yard operators finally succumbed to insolvency in 1988 and the yard lay largely dormant until 1992, when the dry dock was resurrected to enable the casting of the two 2,500 tonne concrete caissons that support the Skye Bridge.

KPL secured a comprehensive Masterplan permission in 2013 and has been promoting the yard and its dry dock for use by the renewables and oil and gas sectors for the last five years following significant investments in site infrastructure.

Simon Russell, Director, added: “After many years of working on the Kishorn project, this is a great step towards its future regeneration and the creation of local jobs and opportunities.”

Source: Offshore Energy Today, https://www.offshoreenergytoda...


2018 • 06 • 04

ALP will continue to support Interoil/ Saipem

Earlier this year, ALP announced that they had been selected by INTEROIL/SAIPEM to provide five vessels to perform tow assistance and heading control services for the KAOMBO Norte FPSO project.

ALP’s project services include tow-assist operations from South East Asia to West Africa, by two of ALP’s 300ts Bollard Pull ALP Future Class vessels. On arrival in Angola, the Future Class vessels will be joined by three additional vessels from the ALP fleet, which are required to keep the heavy FPSO Kaombo Norte accurately stationed during connection to its mooring lines. On completion of the mooring operation, two of the vessels will continue to support the riser pull-in operation.

Take a look at the drone footage captured during the mooring operation:
Click here to watch the VIDEO


2018 • 02 • 21

ALP Selected for the KAOMBO project

Press release

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Feb. 21, 2018 (NEWSWIRE) — ALP Maritime Services (ALP) has announced that the company has been selected by INTEROIL/SAIPEM to provide a spread of five vessels to perform tow assistance and heading control services for the KAOMBO project.

ALP’s project services include tow-assist operations from South East Asia to West Africa, by two of ALP’s 300ts Bollard Pull ALP FUTURE class vessels. On arrival in Angola, the FUTURE class vessels will be joined by three additional vessels from the ALP fleet, which are required to keep the heavy FPSO Kaombo Norte accurately stationed during connection to its mooring lines. On completion of the mooring operation, two of the vessels will continue to support the riser pull-in operation.

Paul Mulder, CEO of ALP commented:

‘ALP is very proud to have been selected for this Tow assist and pull-in operation. It is a strong proof of confidence in our modern and versatile fleet and our ability to provide safe and cost-efficient services to our customers.

Acting as single service provider from yard to hook-up and installation, ALP is providing a tailor-made solution to our customer with optimum vessel scheduling flexibility’

About ALP

ALP is the specialist in the field of Ocean Towing, Offshore positioning and mooring of floating platforms, Heavy Transport, and Salvage operations.

The company serves its worldwide clients with the finest equipment that the maritime towing and transport industry has to offer:

  • World-wide ocean towage, any distance
  • Positioning and hook-up of floating installations to pre-laid mooring systems
  • Anchoring of installations and floating objects
  • Disconnecting and mooring retrieval as part of repositioning or decommissioning operations
  • Adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards

ALP has a fleet of ten vessels at its disposal, ranging from 192 to 309 tonnes bollard pull.


2018 • 02 • 05

ALP Maritime takes delivery of ALP Keeper

Friday 02/02/2018 at 16:16 LT the signatures were placed under the purchase of ALP KEEPER in Okayama, Japan. She is since then officially part of the ALP fleet!

After signing ALP Keeper left the yard, showing off her manoeuvrability to all people on the quay side, sailing to Pohang for further outfitting.

  • ALP Keeper
  • Ulstein SX157 design
  • 302ts Bollard Pull continuous
  • IMO 9737266

The ALP Fleet is designed for world-wide long distance towage of the largest floating objects, with the ability to offer additional services such as salvage, anchor handling, (long term) positioning/ heading control and mooring/survey works.


2017 • 11 • 13

ALP Striker and Hilli FLNG around Cape Good Hope

A beautiful picture showing the power of our 309mt bollard pull ALP Striker, towing the Golar Hilli FLNG from Singapore to Cameroon, a voyage of more than 8000 nautical miles. Here she is seen rounding Cape of Good Hope with an average speed of 10 knots. After arrival ALP Striker will assist with the installation of the FLNG on site. For pictures, click FLNG Golar Hilli

ALP Striker_Hilli FLNG.jpeg