Company Introduction

ALP is the specialist in the field of Ocean Towing, Offshore positioning and mooring of floating platforms, Heavy Transport and Salvage operations.

ALP’s management team, with decades of hands-on experience in the most complex and largest towing, transport and installation projects, are ready to serve ALP’s worldwide clients with the finest equipment that the maritime towing and transport industry has to offer;

  • World-wide ocean towage, any distance
  • Positioning and hook-up of floating installations to pre-laid mooring systems
  • Anchoring of installations and floating objects
  • Disconnecting and mooring retrieval as part of repositioning or decommissioning operations
  • Adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards

ALP has a fleet of ten vessels at its disposal, ranging from 192 to 309 tonnes bollard pull. 

In a market where objects become larger and environmental and financial exposure during a necessary transport is increasing, we identified a need for new types and more advanced offshore vessels.

ALP is leading the industry in adapting to this need of our clients. We invested in modern high-horsepower DP II towing vessels, meeting our client’s present and future need. Our equipment offers:

  • Stronger and larger towing vessels to match and enable increase in size of FPSO’s, FLNG’s and similar floating installations
  • Reliability, since transport to site and installation on site is a key shackle in the chain leading to project success
  • Independency and reliability for working in remote areas
  • Lower overall costs by eliminating the need for additional (installation, heading control, anchor handling) vessels,
  • Higher transit speeds and lower fuel consumption.
  • Utmost safety, achieved by redundancy, sea behavior characteristics, vessel’s quality of officers and crew, equipment and outfitting and excellent live-on-board standards for the crew
  • Fully independent main engines with auxiliaries.
  • Dual role capacity for towing and anchor handling operations, offering considerable project savings

All commercial and ship-management duties are performed from ALP’s Rotterdam Head-Quarters. Maintaining all management tasks internal ensures that the fleet is maintained according to the highest industry standards, insisted on by ALP’s Board and Shareholders. It is furthermore ensuring that our clients and colleagues offshore and abroad are supported by a team of people that master the industry specific commercial, technical and operational skills required to operate in this highly specialized niche market.