Company introduction

Advancing the standard in Marine Transport & Offshore Support operations. We are the specialist in the field of Ocean Towing, Offshore Positioning and Mooring of Floating Platforms, Heavy Transport and Salvage operations. Our team with decades of hands-on experience in the most complex and largest towing, transport and installation projects, is ready to serve our worldwide clients. We operate the finest equipment that the maritime towing and transport industry has to offer.

Ocean Towage

We provide commercial and operational support in the field of ocean towage, including:

  • Selection of the most optimal means of transport
  • Preparation of tows prior to departure
  • Engineering Works, such as Tow Force calculations
  • Supervision at the place of departure
  • Supervision and coordination at ( intermediate) port calls
  • Supervision at the place of destination

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ALP Striker_Hilli FLNG.jpeg

Mooring / hook-up operations

All vessels in the our fleet are fully DPII compliant, making them excellent supporters of Mooring and Hook-up operations. We manage these operations from start to finish.

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Offshore support services

Besides our own fleet, we support the selection of third party vessels to support in-field operations anywhere in the world, such as:

  • Diving Support Vessels
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels
  • Semi-Submersible Barges
  • Deck-barges
ALP Ippon_towage of Saipem Greenbarge 3 (4).jpeg

Towmaster / offshore crew

Our decades of experience in the towage, offshore installation, salvage and heavy transport market have provided us with a wide network of the best-skilled professionals in the industry, such as:

  • Towmasters
  • Mooring Masters
  • Installation Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Barge Masters / Ballast Engineers
  • Riggers

Corporate Social Responsibility

We support the local communities in which we operate. One of the concrete actions we take is to organise a full in-house day at our office together with the IMC Weekendschool initiative in Rotterdam South. The IMC Weekendschoool organisation aims to provide children between 10-14 years old with a platform to learn about what the World has to offer in terms of companies and jobs. The kids can voluntarily join and go on excursions on Sunday. Usually these kids are from lesser developed backgrounds that do not prepare them too well for the working future. By organising these excursions IMC aims to let them discover all opportunities that are ‘out there’ for them.



alp history

ALP was founded in 2010. Early 2014 ALP ordered four 300ts BP ultra-long distance Anchor Handling Towing vessels -currently known as ALP Striker, Defender, Sweeper and Keeper- at the Niigata Shipyard in Japan. The vessels were delivered between 2016-2018. In 2014 ALP acquired 6 modern AHT’s currently known as ALP Ippon, Ace, Forward, Winger, Guard and Centre with a total of 1,450ts BP. ALP is a 100% daughter company of Altera Infrastructure.

the board

Arjen de Geus
Leo Leusink
Paul Mulder
Ingvild Saether
Managing Director
Idar Hillersoy
Managing Director