The ALP Fleet of long distance towing, anchorhandling and salvage tugs is designed for world-wide long distance towage of the world’s largest floating objects, with the ability to offer additional services such as anchor handling, (long term) positioning/heading control and mooring/mooring survey works.

The vessels offer:

  • Sufficient bollard pull and safety redundancy
  • Safe operations
  • Environmental protection
  • Fuel economy
  • Excellent sea keeping and course stability characteristics
  • Ultra large fuel bunker capacity, eliminating refueling stops during typical passages        
  • Anchor- / chain handling capabilities eliminating the need for additional vessels in F(P)SO/FLNG towage and installation operations
  • DP II
  • Ice-class 1B (ALP FUTURE design)

ALP’s long distance towing vessels meet our clients present and future needs:

  • Stronger and larger towing vessels to match and enable increase in size of FPSO’s, FLNG’s and similar floating installations
  • Reliability, since transport to site and installation on site is a key shackle in the chain leading to project success
  • Independency and reliability for working in remote areas  
  • Lower overall costs by eliminating the need for additional             (installation, heading control, anchor handling) vessels,             higher transit speeds and lower fuel consumption.  
  •  Utmost safety, achieved by redundancy, sea behavior   characteristics, vessel’s quality of officers and crew, equipment and outfitting and excellent live-on-board standards for the crew
  • Four fully independent main engines with auxiliaries.
  • Dual role capacity (towing and anchor handling) offers considerable project saving




ALP’s Management team with decades of hand-on experience in the most complex and largest towing and installation projects are ready to serve ALP’s worldwide clients with the finest the maritime industry has to offer:

  • Worldwide ocean towage, any distance
  • Positioning and hook-up of floating installations to pre-laid mooring systems
  • Anchoring of installations and floating objects
  • Highest Safety Standard
  • Disconnecting and mooring retrieval as part of repositioning or decommissioning operations


  • Minimal fuel bunkering stops
  • Optimal sea keeping
  • Fuel efficient, four independent engines configuration
  • High Bollard Pull
  • Complete safety
  • Clean Ship
  • Ice-Class 1B
  • DP II
  • Ice-class 1B (ALP FUTURE design)