SAR s/v Happy


  • Project:SAR s/v Happy
  • Clients:n/a
  • Scope of work:Search and Rescue of s/v Happy, drifting in storm during Trans Atlantic sailing race
  • Place of departure:North Atlantic
  • Place of destination:Freeport, Bahamas
  • Vessel(s) involved:ALP Forward

ALP Forward Came to the Aid of Competitors of Trans-Atlantic Race in Distress

In the early hours of June 9, 2017, the crew of the ALP Forward responded to an emergency call from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Halifax, who launched a rescue mission as severe weather hit a Trans-Atlantic Sailing Race.

Hurricane-force winds and sea states caused damage to several boats, triggering 3 emergency beacons. The Canadian Coast Guard in Halifax immediately reacted to the situation by sending ships and air support to all the boats in distress.

ALP Forward quickly altered her course form her assignment and headed towards the sailing yacht Happy, suffering from a broken mast and adrift. ALP Forward was able to reach and rescue the sailing crew members within a couple of hours of the call.

Thankfully, the Happy crew were safe – as were the crews of the other competitors rescued by other nearby ships and air support.

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