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company profile

company profile

Company Profile

ALP is active in the fields of Ocean Towage, Heavy Transport and non-conventional Marine Contracting. We offer our world-wide clients following services:


We provide commercial and operational support to our clients in the fields of ocean towage and the transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes (floating as well as non-floating cargoes). Such services include:

- Selection of the most optimal means of transport
- Preparation of cargo and tows prior to departure
- Transport Engineering
- Supervision of departure and loading operations
- Supervision and coordination at ( intermediate) port calls
- Supervision of arrival and discharge operations


At the request of clients ALP is able to commit to projects as an operator and provide full package deal solutions, based on independent advice with regards to the optimal means of towage and transport in relation to safety, quality, efficiency, economy and speed of operation. Proposal are supported by towage and transport engineering to meet Warranty Surveyors standards.

Agency / Representation / Shipmanagement

ALP serves as Dutch and World-wide Agent / Representative / Shipmanagement office to companies active in the ocean towage, offshore installation and heavy transport market.

ALP Maritime Services is fully geared to take on any mission in the field of the non-conventional maritime services.